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Batteries should last for up to three years. If your watch needs a new battery, please change the battery immediately as dead cells may damage the movement. Simply unscrew the back of the case and replace the old battery with a new one.

All Zeitholz watches are splash proof and suitable for daily life and use. Due to the nature of the natural materials used in these watches, such as wood and leather, Zeitholz watches should not be submerged in water. Zeitholz watches are resistant to splashes and minimal water exposure due to light rain, hand-washing, etc. Do do wear your watch in a steam bath or sauna. Showering, bathing, swimming and diving are not recommended. Always wipe your watch dry with a soft, dry cloth immediately after exposure to water.

Wood is a delicate natural material. When following these steps, take care to avoid damaging your watch due to rough handling. You can take your watch to a specialist to help with the strap adjustment if needed. 1. To remove a watch link you will need the watch link removal tool provided in the box with your watch. 2. Locate the side of the links where the pin-head appears indented. This is the side that the pin needs to be pushed from. *Do not push the pin on the flat-head side. Choose the indented side. 3. Place the strap into the tool with the indented pin-head facing the screw. Turn the tool head clockwise until it pops the pin out the other side. 4. Remove the pin and separate the wooden links. 5. Repeat the steps above to remove the total number of links you need to take out for the correct strap size. 6. To re-attach the watch strap back together, join the links, align the pin holes and put a pin back through the hole. 7. If necessary, use the tool to gently push or screw the pin fully into the pin hole to secure. You can also check our video about how to adjust the wooden strap.

Quick Tips

1. Keep your watch clean with a soft non-abrasive cloth. Wipe off your watch periodically to remove dust, dirt, moisture and perspiration. 2. Ensure that the crown, which is used to change the hands/date, is properly pushed in and/ or screwed at all times. This prevents penetration by water or dust.
1. Don't use chemicals such as perfumes, spirits or petroleum products on the watch as these may damage the seals, straps or case. 2. Take care to avoid abrasions as persistent scratching may eventually affect the case and straps. 3. Remove your watch if you are about to undertake heavy physical work. 4. Avoid subjecting your watch to rapid changes in temperature or extreme heat or cold. 5. When not being worn, keep your watch in its box and in a cool dry place.


Sudden shocks or impacts to your watch may result in possible damage to the case, dial, hands, bands, movement, crystal, as well as void your warranty. Take care to avoid strong shocks such as dropping on hard surfaces as a watch is a sensitive precision instrument.

Moisture and extreme changes in temperature, and temperatures above 60°C/140°F and below 0°C/32°F can affect timekeeping and water resistance in most watches. Make sure to store your watch in a cool dry place, and refrain from leaving it somewhere like on a car dashboard where the watch might overheat.

Mechanical watches can be adversely affected by magnetism. Watches exposed to items containing a magnet can and will cause affected watches to run incorrectly. The watch may gain or lose time, or even stop. Avoid leaving your watch on or close to magnetic objects. Magnets are found in speakers, computers, televisions, magnetic hooks on refrigerators, etc. One of the most common magnetic objects is the cell phone.

Drehen oder ziehen Sie die Krone der Uhr nicht heraus, sollte die Uhr nass sein. Entfernen Sie die Uhr von Ihrem Handgelenk und wischen Sie die Feuchtigkeit, Schweiß oder Schmutz mit einem weichen, trockenen Tuch ab. Tragen Sie die Uhr nicht in einem Bad oder Sauna. Dampf, Seife oder andere Komponenten von Thermalbädern können zur Verschlechterung der der Funktionalität der Uhr führen.

When cleaning your watch, avoid using solvents or chemicals (i.e. benzine, thinner, bleach). This may result in deterioration of the watch or a change in the colour of the case or straps. Direct contact with other chemicals, such as cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, etc. may cause damage to case, gaskets and straps of a watch.

Wipe off moisture, sweat or dirt with a soft, dry cloth after removing if from the wrist to increase the durability of the case, gaskets and straps. Store the watch in the watch box, and in a cool, dry place.